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Get to know us

Renewable energy — electricity made before your very eyes on the same land where you grow your crops and graze your cattle — that’s a pretty impressive thing. It’s also a lot to get your head around.

Let us help you get oriented with lots and lots of photos and a little light reading.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, photos are everywhere on this web site. We have a special photo gallery area as well. Videos, too. You can look at wind turbines among the autumnal reds and golds of upstate New York, and dotting the spare beauty of Nebraska’s plains. Renewables energy sprouts from fields of Iowa corn and from among California palm trees. It shades Texas longhorns from the blistering Gulf Coast sun. Biomass plants help feed energy needs by using what might otherwise be waste wood products in the Pacific Northwest.

Ready for more? There’s plenty of material ready to read on screen or print to share with others.

A good place to start is our Press Release archive. That lets you know what we think is important enough to tell the world about. It also tells you who we do business with, including our many repeat energy customers. A series of Development Brochures will school you more on the specifics of on our company, and on how we develop new wind, biomass and solar facilities.

Get to know the personal stories of the landowners that host our facilities across the US in the periodic publication Landowner News. This is also where we feature our amazing employees — from wind techs who maintain our lofty turbines, to land specialists who answer your questions about lease terms and payments, to the incredible scientists that make up our world-class metrological team. Want to explore a professional future with us? The Careers section should be your next stop.

Ready to get out and stretch your legs? Then it’s time to explore our Community Brochures. We are proud to say these are the products of the many rural communities which surround our renewable energy developments. Each community tells it own story, providing a roadmap to explore not just our wind turbines but the hidden gems of history and culture unique to rural American communities.

Questions? We have lots of people ready and willing to answer. Just visit Contact Us to meet plenty of helpful people — some in or near your own community.