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Renewable energy and wildlife make a great team. The electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels is far friendlier to wildlife than most traditional energy sources. No air pollution. No water pollution or even water consumption. No waste streams and no hazardous emissions.

Friendlier to more than just wildlife, don’t you think?

Leading by Example

Still, even renewables aren’t perfect. We study our impacts and feel strongly that you should understand them, too. The biggest hazards may just surprise you. For example, one of the largest single human threats to birds is window collisions — a problem only as far away as our offices, stores, and homes. However, windows don’t generate electricity so we feel any comparison of renewable energy’s modest impacts on wildlife should be centered on the energy sector. The vast majority of private and public wildlife and conservation experts agree that climate change is the single biggest threat to wildlife. Well-sited clean energy is one of the most competitive and reliable ways to keep the lights on and mitigate climate change.

Working and Learning Together

We work hard as a company to constantly learn more. To that end, we conduct pre- and post-construction studies at our U.S. wind farms whether or not those studies are required. We also train our operations personnel to monitor and report any dead or injured wildlife found at our facilities. We extend our philosophy of measuring and reducing impacts beyond our facilities and engage the local communities we do business in, educating the public and supporting conservation leaders, such as wildlife rehabbers, to be successful in their efforts to protect wildlife.

We believe strongly in applying the best current science, and in participating in further studies to learn more. That has led us to groundbreaking work in avian and bat protection in locations as diverse as a former Pennsylvania coal mine, the windswept Texas Gulf Coast, and the scenic Columbia River Gorge.

We have been pioneers in renewable energy. We also strive to be pioneers in environmental stewardship.

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