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Blue Creek Wind Farm

Communities benefit when local landowners harvest the wind in addition to their traditional crops.


Contact outside normal business hours:
Avangrid Renewables Remote Operations Center
855-369-9337 (toll free)

Our local job openings are now filled. But you can look for similar jobs with Avangrid Renewables at other locations.

Do you own land in the area that you would like to lease for future wind development? Please contact Project Developer Jeff Reinkemeyer at 262-354-2370.

Do you live within the project area and want to know what sound and shadow flicker levels are predicted for your residence? Click here.

Project Permitting Documents

Click here to view Blue Creek Wind Farm's Project Permitting Documents.

Project Location

Tully, Union, and Hoaglin Townships of Van Wert County, Ohio, and Benton, Blue Creek, and Latty Townships of Paulding County, Ohio.

Project Status

Reached commercial operation in June, 2012

Project Capacity

304 Megawatts (MW)

Number of Wind Turbines

152 Gamesa G90, 2.0 MW wind turbines on 100m (328 ft) towers, which are primarily made in Pennsylvania.

Households Served

Each turbine can produce up to two megawatts or 2,700 horsepower, which is enough to power about 500 average Ohio houses. The total project will power approximately 76,000 homes annually. According to the 2000 census, there are 11,600 households in Van Wert County and 7,700 households in Paulding County.


The turbines will be on a 328 foot (100 meter) tower for a total height of 476 feet when a 148 ft long blade is straight up. Each nacelle weighs 85 tons. Each foundation uses about 60 truckloads of concrete and 60 tons of steel rebar.

Local Economic Benefits

Approximately $2 million in annual lease payments to local landowners, $2.7 million in annual PILOT payments to local taxing bodies, 15-20 new permanent jobs, over 500 construction jobs at peak, and local spending during construction of about $25 million.

Energy and Environmental Benefits

Relative to the rest of Ohio’s generation fleet, Blue Creek offsets carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.6 billion pounds per year. That is the equivalent to the volume of 158 Ohio Stadiums and the equivalent to planting an estimated 138,000 acres of trees, taking 114,000 cars off the road, or not consuming over 2.1 million barrels of oil. If electric cars were widely available, this project would produce enough electricity to power 479,000 electric cars for a year. It also avoids the consumption of 408 million gallons of water per year.

Homegrown wind power will be another crop from the farm fields of Van Wert and Paulding Counties. Blowing all year long, with a strong yield in winter, it will provide for generations.

Download a printable version of this fact sheet, or visit the Blue Creek Wind Farm image gallery.