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Blue Creek Wind Farm

Communities benefit when local landowners harvest the wind in addition to their traditional crops.

The Blue Creek Wind Farm project area is primarily agricultural, but there are plenty of residences. Knowing this, the Avangrid Renewables’ team took precautions to minimize any potential nuisance from the turbines. For example, residential setbacks exceed the statutory minimum by 34% (1200 feet instead of 898 feet), and the average residential setback is 1600 feet, a full 78% in excess of the minimum required. To picture 1200 feet, think of home plate to centerfield in a baseball diamond – that is typically 400 feet in a major league park. Blue Creek Wind Farm’s setbacks are equivalent to three or four baseball diamonds! That’s big.

The economic benefits of the Blue Creek Wind Farm are not limited to the landowners who have leased ground. Senate Bill 232 PILOT (payments in lieu of taxes) payments will amount to $18,000 per turbine per year. This will mean $2.05 million to Van Wert County taxing bodies and $684,000 to Paulding County taxing bodies, making Blue Creek Wind Farm the largest single taxpayer in Van Wert County – and equal to the current top 14 taxpayers combined! This will mean significant new revenue for schools. Crestview Superintendent Mike Estes has said, “in my 37 years in education, I have never seen another opportunity like this to increase a school district’s revenue. It is a windfall.” During construction, millions of dollars were spent with local contractors, creating jobs. Many of those dollars were spent to upgrade the public road network in the wind farm area, resulting in stronger and smooth roads for all to use.

We acknowledge that the turbines can sometimes be audible and shadows cast from them (called “shadow flicker”) will sometimes be visible on area houses. But both are limited, and we think that by giving you information on the magnitude of these effects and when to expect, their impacts will seem less harmful. If you have any questions about predicted noise or shadow flicker levels at your house, please contact Project Developer Jeff Reinkemeyer at 262-354-2370.