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Business Conduct

Avangrid Renewables is committed to high ethical standards. We work with regulators, policy makers and other market participants to develop rules and standards because we recognize that high standards of conduct are in the best interests of competitive wholesale energy markets, our customers and the economy. To this end, Avangrid Renewables voluntarily reports natural gas and electricity transaction data to index developers.

As part of its commitment to transparent price reporting, the company and its employees abide by the Avangrid Renewables Code of Conduct as well as its corporate parent's Code of Ethics of IBERDROLA, S.A. and Its Group of Companies.

For Avangrid Renewables facilities in development or operation in New York State, the company and its employees observe the state-specific New York Code of Conduct.

The Network, a confidential and anonymous third party service, is available by phone at 1-877-606-9171 or by secure web portal in the event of an ethical violation.

View our 2014 report on Ethics Compliance.