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Amazon Wind Farm US East

Powered by Avangrid Renewables at Desert Wind

Project Overview

The Amazon Wind Farm US East, powered by Avangrid Renewables at Desert Wind, is North Carolina’s first wind farm, and one of the first in the southeastern U.S. After a rigorous and detailed six-year permitting process, this wind farm’s 104 high-tech turbines reached full commercial operation in early 2017. The energy generated and delivered into the electrical grid supplies both current and future Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) Cloud data centers. The 208 megawatt (MW) wind farm is an economic windfall for these communities, as it generates millions of dollars of tax revenue and land lease payments, as well as enough energy to power the equivalent of approximately 61,000 U.S. homes each year.


The wind farm is located in Perquimans and Pasquotank counties, a rural section of northeastern North Carolina near Elizabeth City and Hertford. Built on approximately 22,000 acres of farm fields, the permanent footprint of the entire project is less than 200 acres, meaning that local farmers will continue to harvest corn, soybeans, and wheat alongside the region’s newest crop, the wind.


AWS, an company, has teamed with Avangrid Renewables to support the construction and operation of the wind farm. For more information, go to


Turbines will be 2.0 MW Gamesa G114 models:

  • 114 meter rotor diameter = 376 feet
  • 55.5 meter blade = 182 feet
  • 93 meter tower = 305 feet
  • With a blade pointing straight up, total height is 492 feet
  • 60 truckloads of concrete in each turbine foundation

Economic Benefits

  • $1.1 million – annual amount from Avangrid Renewables benefitting the community, consisting of:
    • $520,000 – annual taxes, making the wind farm the largest taxpayer in both Perquimans and Pasquotank counties; will increase each year.
    • $624,000 – annual lease payments to landowners; will increase each year.
  • 30+ – number of North Carolina-based companies that helped build it.
  • 500+ – number of workers at the peak of construction.
  • $18.5 million – amount spent locally during construction; roughly $1 million/month.
  • 17 – number of full-time workers to operate the wind farm.
  • 62 – miles of new roads built and maintained by Avangrid Renewables, at no cost to taxpayers or landowners.
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