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Direct Access

Avangrid Renewables is proud to be the newest Electricity Service Supplier in Oregon. We’re expanding our product offerings to serve commercial customers who are looking for a clean energy supply. Utilizing our expertise in operating and scheduling renewable energy from our Northwest wind portfolio — including asset optimization driven by our state of the art National Control Center — we can provide a reliable, renewable product for our customer’s commercial load.

Avangrid Renewables is currently a registered ESS for PacifiCorp customers. We are pleased to offer 100% renewable energy supply to Oregon customers.

Electricity Power Source and Environmental Label

As prescribed by the Oregon Public Utility Commission on November 20, 2001

Basic Supply for Oregon Direct Access
Supply Mix
During the calendar year 2018, Iberdrola plans to provide direct access supply from electricity or unique claims on the electricity produced from new and existing renewable resources. The projected power supplied by Iberdrola for 2018 is based on recent production and purchases.
Avangrid Renewables Supply Mix
Environmental Impact
This chart shows that Iberdrola’s direct access supply mix has 0% impact, as measured in pollutants per kilowatt-hour of supply mix, compared to the Northwest U.S. average.
Environmental Impact Chart

For more information about how Avangrid Renewables can meet your energy needs, please contact:
Diana Scholtes; Renewable Origination; 503-796-7142
Chris Stokley; Renewable Origination; 503-796-6954