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Groton Wind Farm

Communities profit when local landowners
harvest the wind on New Hampshire's ridges.


Please contact Project Developer Ed Cherian with any questions on the project: 603-440-3127,

Project Permitting Documents

Click here to view Groton Wind Farm's New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee Permit Application.

Project Location

The proposed Groton Wind Farm is situated along two ridge features in the town of Groton, New Hampshire in Grafton County. Both ridges are northeast/southwest oriented and range in peak elevation from 1,850 to 2,300 feet. The site is rural, located entirely on private timber land parcels that are set back from residences, roads and other public areas.

Project Status

On-line in December 2012

Project Capacity

48 Megawatts (MW)

Number of Wind Turbines

24 Gamesa G87, 2.0 MW wind turbines, which are made in Pennsylvania. These are the same wind turbines operating at our Lempster Wind Farm in Lempster, New Hampshire in Sullivan County.

Households Served

The Groton Wind Farm is expected to produce, on average enough electricity to power nearly 20,000 average New Hampshire homes. At peak production, the wind farm is expected to produce enough electricity for nearly 58,000 New Hampshire homes.


The turbines will be on 256 foot (78 meter) towers. Each blade will be 139 feet long, for a total turbine height from foundation to blade tip of approximately 398 feet, depending on foundation size. Each nacelle (box that houses mechanical and generation equipment) weighs 85 tons.

Local Economic Benefits

The development process has already resulted in over $1 million spent on contracts with New Hampshire companies for engineering, geotechnical services, surveying, environmental studies, mapping, and permitting. The project is estimated to have a regional economic benefit of approximately $81.5 million over 20 years. During construction, the project anticipates creating up to 150 jobs, many filled by New Hampshire workers, for work on electrical lines and poles, concrete, hauling, and civil construction. The project will also provide significant payments to local landowners, and will provide a substantial amount of the annual municipal budget of the Town of Groton, in addition to annual tax payments to the State of New Hampshire.

Energy and Environmental Benefits

The project is expected to offset carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 200 million pounds per year. That is the equivalent of removing 16,500 cars from the road, or not burning over 200,000 barrels of oil, each year.

Wind power is a truly sustainable "crop" that New Hampshire can harvest, like timber and maple syrup. It allows landowners to keep their land whole, while contributing to the state's environmental and economic health.

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