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About Tule Wind

The Tule Wind Power Project will be located in portions of wind-rich McCain Valley and nearby areas in eastern San Diego County. The project will generate up to 200 megawatts (MW) of clean power, enough to serve approximately 60,000 local homes.

As with any wind project, less than two percent of the land in the project area will be occupied by the wind power production equipment. The rest of the area will remain available for existing uses, such as hiking, rock-climbing and off-highway vehicle recreation. All existing roads and campgrounds in McCain Valley will remain open to the public.

Tule Wind Project Benefits:

  • Helps California reach its renewable energy goals
    • Wind is a renewable domestic energy resource
    • The Tule Wind Project will increase regional energy production and reliability
  • Displaces fossil-fuel generation, reducing smog and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Wind energy reduces our dependence on imports of natural gas, oil and other fuels
    • The Tule Wind Project will lower CO2 emissions by approximately 250,000 tons per year
  • Benefits San Diego County
    • The Tule Wind Power Project will provide renewable energy to power more than 60,000 San Diego Area homes and go a long way toward helping the region meet California’s renewable energy goals.
    • The Tule Wind Power Project will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 250,000 tons per year, making our air cleaner, reducing our impact on climate change and lowering our dependence on foreign oil.
    • San Diego County is uniquely positioned for a green economy with one of the few remaining quality wind resource areas in the U.S.
    • In this economy, we need jobs, and this project will support approximately 915 jobs in the San Diego economy (including ancillary jobs in supply chain and manufacturing) during the year of construction and will support 39 jobs during each year of operations.
    • The Tule Wind Power Project will generate $3.5 million to the County of San Diego in tax revenue per year, with a total of $105 million in tax revenue generated over the 30 year life of the project.
    • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station issues leave San Diego County vulnerable to blackouts this summer, and in the future. With the threat of rolling brownouts/blackouts, we need more in-basin energy to supply San Diego County’s needs and the best choice is renewable energy.
    • Through their work on many other projects across the country, Avangrid Renewables has shown a strong track record of developing wind energy projects that minimize impacts to the surrounding community; while forging partnerships and providing philanthropic support right here in San Diego County.

Fact Sheet
Click the photo or click here to view the Fact Sheet (pdf).
Fact Sheet
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Tule Wind Newsletter
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